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How To Install Raspbian via Ubuntu

Installing Raspbian on a SD card via Ubuntu/linux is rather simple here are the steps, software, and equipment I used to install the Raspbian image onto an SD card.

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  • Standard Linux Drive Viewer (comes with all linux distributions)


  1. Insert the micro SD card (16 GB or 32 GB) into the SD card adapter
  2. Insert SD card adapter into SD card reader
    1. If you are using a external SD card reader, plug that into an open USB port on your computer
  3. On the computer open a browser window and go to
    1. download the image file
  4. Once downloaded, simply double click on the image file and a pop up window will appear
    1. if you can not find where the file go downloaded type CTRL+J and open the file loaction
  5. The window will ask you for a destination to write to. (be sure to choose your SD card you want to use) This will erase everything on the destination drive you choose
    1. if you do not know what your SD card is called open a folder and navigate your drives till you find the one you want to use
  6. Once you have chosen the right SD card click start restoring.
  7. Wait a sec and your done. Now take the micro SD card out of the adapter and insert it into the Raspberry Pi.